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Paper: Developing the GEA method


Paper:  Wagter, R., Proper, H.A., Witte, D.: Developing the GEA method- Design science and case-study research in action, submitted and accepted at Approaches for Enterprise Engineering Research (AppEER), Valencia, Spain (2013)

This paper is concerned with the research methodology that was used in the GEA (Generalised Enterprise Architecting) research programme. The goal of this research programme was the development of a new approach for doing enterprise architecture.We will discuss the motivations for starting the GEA programme, its focus, as well as its objectives. Based on this, the research methodology as it was used by the GEA programme will be discussed and motivated, which involved a combination of design science and case study based research. We will also discuss the way the GEA programme went about to actually implement the research methodology in a real-world situation, while also highlighting the results of the programme.

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